Thursday 23rd February


Here at Horizon our links with industry and providers enables us to facilitate not just experiences for large cohorts of students but also targeted interventions to allow for coaching and mentorship on a more individual level. One such project has been the collaboration between Stanton Logistics and their CEO Chris McGinley and a group of our male students. The project has been led by Mr Woodhouse but it is the generosity and passion from Chris that has and is providing these boys with a role model and focus on their futures.   

 Stanton Logistics is a national transport company established in 2007 based in South Yorkshire. They operate over 70 heavy goods vehicles and trailers covering the whole of the United Kingdom and employ over 150 staff.  They service some of the biggest names across varied industry sectors from food and drink sectors to pharmaceuticals. Always on the cutting edge they have recently invested in a fleet of gas trucks. The company also runs a branded racing car which has had success on the amateur circuit.

The project started in November when CEO Chris McGinley came into college and shared his story from his early years at Penistone school and his first paper round to becoming a successful modern day business owner and race car driver. The students were hooked, and Chris was so impressed by the attitude of our students that he extended an invitation for them to visit his business for a tour of the site and the opportunity to talk to some of his employees in order to learn more about working life.

  On the 8th Feb our students were given a full insight into the workings of a busy and successful business. They sat in on Stanton’s morning management meeting followed by a tour of the offices where the group were able to meet representatives from a range of different jobs within the company. The visit finished with a tour of the warehouses, HGV trucks and Chris’s racing garage where he works on his sports cars. 

Chris will be back in college after Easter for a follow up session with the group. 

For the students and the college, we have seen huge benefits:

  • Improved career aspirations within the group, some now thinking of working in the logistics industry,
  • The project has created conversation starters between staff and students which has helped to create better relationships and build engagement.
  • The visit and info that Chris and his staff passed on to the boys about the different roles involved in logistics has helped us create a direct link into subjects at college. It’s been a learning experience for staff as well.

From all the students involved and Horizon Community College we would like to thank Chris and his team for giving up his time and the openness and trust he has shown our students.

For me it is an honour to be invited to share my story and experiences of business life as well as offering an insight into creating and maintaining a successful business.

Horizon has impressed me with their professionalism, positivity and willingness to offer their students the best start towards the rest of their lives, if my story and the site visit inspires just one student to exceed his or her own expectations then it’s been worth every minute” Chris McGinley

Important Information

Dear Parents/Carers

Please note the College is open today and Year 11 will be expected on site for their Mock Examinations. However, for Years 7 to 10, if you cannot get your child to school safely today, then please ensure that they access remote learning via Teams. For safeguarding purposes, please email in to if your child is not going to be in and will be accessing Teams.

Any child who accesses Teams remotely today will receive a present attendance mark of a B code (educated off-site). If your child does not access Teams then they will be classified as absent Please note that attendance codes will be updated throughout the day.

Mrs Huddart


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