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Term Dates

Autumn Half Term 1
Term starts: Wednesday 1st September
Half Term Holiday: Saturday 23rd October
Autumn Half Term 2
Term starts: Monday 1st November
Christmas Holiday: Saturday 18th December
Spring Half Term 1
Term starts: Tuesday 4th January
Half Term Holiday: Saturday 19th February
Spring Half Term 2
Term starts: Monday 28th February
Easter Holiday: Saturday 9th April
Summer Half Term 1
Term starts: Monday 25th April
Half Term Holiday: Saturday 28th May
Summer Half Term 2
Term starts: Monday 6th June
Term Ends: Wednesday 20th July

Inset Days

  • Friday 22nd October 2021
  • Friday 17th December 2021
  • Monday 31st January 2022
  • Friday 18th February 2022
  • Friday 1st July 2022

College Day

The College Day - September 2022

In consultation.

Food Hall

FREE Best of both Toast / Porridge Every morning

Free School Meals

our child will qualify for free school meals if they’re in full-time education and you receive one of the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • guarantee element of state pension credit
  • child tax credit with no working tax credit and have an income as assessed by the Inland Revenue that does not exceed £16,190 (subject to change annually)
  • support under Part 1V of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Universal Credit – if you apply on or after 1 April 2018 your household income must be less than £7,400 a year (after tax and not including any benefits you receive)

Children who receive a qualifying benefit in their own right are also entitled to receive free school meals.

Your child won’t qualify for free school meals if you’re receiving working tax credits and disabled working tax credits, except for the four-week run-on paid after you’ve stopped qualifying for working tax credits.


Apply for free school meals if you live in Barnsley

If you live in Barnsley and your child goes to school in Barnsley, Bradford, or Kirklees, fill in our application form below for free school meals.

If you live in Barnsley and your child goes to school in Barnsley, Bradford, or Kirklees, fill in our application form below for free school meals.


To apply for a place at Horizon Community College

For Standard admissions at the point of secondary transfer:
Details are available in the Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council booklet  Admission to secondary school – a guide for Parents  and online by clicking here.

If your child is currently in a primary school in the Barnsley area there are two ways to apply: 

  • Complete the application form and return it to the Headteacher of your child’s primary school.
  • Apply online by logging on to the Barnsley Authority website (as per link above) and follow the instructions.
  • Horizon Community College provides places for young people between the age of 11-16.
  • Our arrangements for selection are handled by the Local Authority
  • Our over subscription criteria is also handled by the Local Authority

If you live outside the Barnsley Authority or would like to transfer your child into a year group other than Year 7, or at a time other than at the standard secondary transfer point (ie within year, including Year 7), please contact Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s Admission Department (01226 773677)  to obtain the appropriate application form.



All students are representing the college as soon as they are wearing the College uniform. We expect students to wear their uniform with pride at all times, from when they leave home to arrive at College and until they return home in the evening.


Our approved uniform  supplier is Vortex schoolwear. The web address for online ordering Horizon approved uniform  is:

Detailed information on uniform expectations can be found in the booklet below. Please read and get in touch with School teams if you have any questions.



Horizon Prospectus 2022 Intake


0 %
Week Ending Fri 6th May

It is a fact that if attendance drops below 95%, achievement can be affected by one grade.


Attendance on a school day is compulsory. If you are not in school then you must have a justifiable reason for absence. Parents/Carers should inform the school absence line on the first day of absence via telephone and every day there after.

If your child is going to be absent for an appointment we would ask that proof of the appointment is brought into school well in advance (whenever possible). However, we would prefer that all appointments are made outside of the child’s timetable.

Parents are requested not to arrange family holidays during term time. Requests for leave of absence should be submitted on a leave of absence form that is available within school on request and should be completed well in advance.

It is a fact that if attendance drops below 95%, achievement can be affected by one grade.


Punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and is essential to good time management.

Always make sure that you are in the appropriate classroom no later than the times shown in the section on timing of the school day.

If you arrive late for school you shall be given a one hour detention that shall be served the following day after school.

If you arrive late to school due to attending appointments/ or any other reason then you must sign in at the student reception desk. You will be marked late in the register and will need a note explaining the reason for late arrival. If there is not justifiable reason a punctuality detention shall be issued for the following night after school.

If you arrive after the closure of the register it may be recorded as an unauthorized absence. All unexplained absences shall be followed up by staff in the attendance office with a call home.

Absence Form

Leave of Absence in term time

  • The Anti-Social Behaviour Act (2003) provides the Local Authority, Schools and Academies the power to issue penalty notice fines for unauthorised leave of absence in term time.
  • No parent can demand leave of absence as a right.
  • Any request for leave of absence must be made in advance.
  • The request for leave of absence should be made by the parent /carer “with whom the child normally resides”. If this is the parent /carer who is not taking the child out of school / academy, the full name and address of the parent /carer who is taking the child out of school/academy must be provided on the form.
  • There is no requirement to authorise just because a request has been made. The amendments under The Education (Pupil Registration) ( England) Regulations 2006 make it clear that head teachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances*. *See Code of Conduct /Guidance relating to Leave of Absence
  • The circumstances of each individual request for leave of absence will be taken into account on a case by case basis.
  • The decision to approve / not approve the request is for the school / academy, not the Authority or the parent. Only schools/ academies can authorise / not authorise absence.
  • If important work has been missed by the pupil due to the parents making a request for leave of absence the parents should not expect special arrangements to be made by the school/ academy for that pupil to catch up that work.

If you go ahead with the leave of absence when unauthorised, you may receive a Penalty Notice issued by the Local Authority. This penalty will be £60 per child if paid within 21days; payment after this time but within 28 days is £120

Failure to pay a fixed Penalty Notice will render you liable to criminal proceedings in the Magistrates Court under Section 444(1) of the Education Act 1996.

If you need to request a leave of absence please fill in the form and e-mail to


Attendance Leaflet

Covid-19 Guidance

Code of Conduct

Leave of Absence Form


  • Changes to School Day
  • Dance Show 2022
  • Curriculum Update Half Term 4
  • Second Hand Uniform Collection
  • Global Recycling Day
  • Whole School Charity Event
  • Ukraine Red Cross
  • Gyratory Works Update
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection
  • Spring Term Enrichment
  • National Poetry Month
  • School Day 2022
  • Anti Bullying Week
  • Curriculum Half Term 3
  • Lateral Flow Test Kits
  • Updated Covid Guidance
  • Testing Reminder
  • Face Coverings Update
  • COVID-19 Government Guidance Update
  • Danceathon
  • Form Tutor Parents Evening
  • University of Sheffield IMPACT
  • Welcome Event Invite
  • Active Travel 10 Day Challenge
  • Parents Evening
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Anne Frank Ambassadors
  • Key Stage 4 Options
  • Options
  • Geography-History Option Choice
  • Diptheria Tetanus & Polio Meningococcal ACWY
  • Parents Evening
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Parents Evening
  • Parents Evening Guide
  • Oxbridge Information Evening
  • Performing Arts Live Performance
  • Mock Examinations - March
  • Parents Evening
  • Post - 16 Support
  • Post - 16 Taster Sessions
  • Year 11 Prom


At Horizon Community College we are invested in giving our students every opportunity to develop their interests and passions beyond the classroom. Our extensive personal development program takes our students on a journey, building character and resilience ensuring personal growth year on year.

For further information regarding the clubs and enrichment activities, please ask your child to see their subject teacher.

In addition to our extensive after school programme detailed below, we now have enrichment activities on offer at lunchtime, open to every student, every day. Students can head to the heart space to play board games, go up to the library for themed daily events such as Magazine Mondays, play football on the Muga or hit the theatre for breakdance.

Lunchtime Enrichment


Student Wellbeing

Horizon Community College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Horizon has a committed team of staff who are trained as Designated Safeguarding leads or ‘DSL’.

Parents and Carers can feel confident that robust procedures are in place to ensure that all staff are suitable to work with children here at Horizon.

It is important to us that parents, carers and students perceive Horizon as a safe space and encourage children to talk freely about any concerns or worries which may affect educational progress.

Children will be taken seriously if they seek help from a member of staff. Students may be referred for additional bespoke support from external agencies and will always endeavour to work in partnership with parents to inform them of additional support required or accessed for their child. However, staff cannot guarantee to consult parents first, or to keep children’s concerns confidential, if a referral must be made to agencies in order to safeguard the child’s welfare.

Keeping Children Safe in Education is statutory guidance that schools and colleges in England must have regard to when carrying out their duties to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

If you have any Safeguarding concerns regarding your child please visit our Safeguarding section of the website by Clicking here

Associate Assistant Principal – Safeguarding and Wellbeing
Mrs Ola-Craig
Deputy Designated Safeguarding / Wellbeing Lead
Mrs Wake
Deputy Designated Safeguarding / Wellbeing Lead
Mrs Booth
Student wellbeing – Year 7
Miss Palmowski
Student wellbeing – Year 8
Miss Gibson
Student wellbeing – Year 9
Mrs Wilson
Student wellbeing – Year 10
Mrs Derbyshire
Student wellbeing – Year 11
Miss White
Student wellbeing
Mrs Fielding
Student wellbeing
Mr West

Bus Timetables

  • The 478 and 479 services are commercial operations and are not provided by Horizon.
  • The bus timetables given are subject to change by the operators, based on passenger numbers and other factors. The college will work with operators to inform families of any changes in advance.

If you have any questions about the services, please contact the operators directly:

Globe – 01226299900

Hodgsons – 01226 288581


Service 478

Service 479

Covid-19 Information

HCC Risk Assessment (Updated 12/01/22)

Outbreak Plan

Remote Education Policy

Y11 Exam Information

We are now approaching the Year 11 examination season, which begins on Monday 16th May 2022 and runs through to Monday 27th June 2022. As mentioned previously, there is a contingency day of Wednesday 29th June 2022 in case any of the full cohort exams nationally are rearranged. 
Students have now received their individual examination timetables, which includes their venue and seat number. Please ensure that they keep this information safe and to hand. Students should use their timetable, along with the advance information booklet (attached again for reference) to plan / prioritise their revision, in readiness for each examination. 
Morning / Afternoon Examinations Arrangements
  • A cooked breakfast will be available in the canteen from 7:55am for students to purchase in addition to the usual free breakfast items.
  • Morning examinations will begin with a pre-exam briefing in the theatre at 8:30am. Students will then head to their examination venues in time for the examination to begin at 9am.
  • Student’s with afternoon examinations will have an early lunch break at 12pm.
  • Afternoon examinations will begin with a pre-exam briefing in the theatre at 12:30am. Students will then head to their examination venues in time for the examination to begin at 1pm.
Students will have an assembly during w/c 9th May to go through the final examination arrangements.
Individual Study Time
From Monday 16th May, Year 11 students will finish school at 1:45pm, to give them additional individual study time to revise and prepare at home. If students wish to stay on at school for lunch at 1:45pm they can do so and will therefore finish school at 2:15pm. Year 11 students will be allowed to use the 2:15pm school bus service. 
Students who are taking an afternoon examination will be allowed to leave school after the examination has finished. 
When students do not have examinations, they will follow their normal school timetable but will still finish at 1.45pm.
Revision Booster Sessions
Each subject will post an online revision booster session the evening before their exam; students will be given details about this in their assembly next week. Subject teachers may also be running online revision booster sessions. These will go over exam technique, difficult topic areas and last-minute hints and tips. Please encourage your child to attend these sessions, as they will play a really important part of their revision and preparation.
Thank you in advance for support; we wish all Year 11 students the very best of luck in their forthcoming exams. 
Summer Examination Timetable
The summer examination season begins on Monday 16th May 2022 and runs through to Monday 27th June 2022.  Please find a copy of the summer examination timetable below for your reference. Students will receive their individualised examination timetable after the Easter holidays. Students should use this alongside the advance information booklet to plan / prioritise their revision in preparing for their forthcoming GCSE examinations. There is a contingency day of Wednesday 29th June 2022 in case any of the full cohort exams nationally are rearranged.





3rd – 9th May

All Day



Thursday 12th May

NCFE Cache Child Development

1hr 30m



Monday 16th MAY

AQA Religious Studies P1 8062

OCR Engineering R105

1h 45


AQA Sociology P1 8192

Edexcel Turkish Listening 1TU0 H

Edexcel Turkish Reading 1TU0 H

1h 45m


1hr 5m

Tuesday 17h MAY


AQA Biology P1 8461

AQA Comb Sci Trilogy Biology P1 8464

1h 45m

1h 15m



Wednesday 18th MAY


AQA English Language P1 8700

1h 45m



Thursday 19th MAY


AQA History P1B Option B 8145


AQA Italian Listening 8633 H

AQA Italian Reading 8633 H


1hr 5m

Friday 20h MAY


AQA Mathematics P1 8300

1h 30m

Edexcel Business 1BS0

Edexcel Chinese Listening 1CN0 H

Edexcel Chinese Reading 1CN0 H

1h 30m


1h 5m

Monday 23rd MAY

AQA Geography P1 8035

1h 30m

AQA Citizenship P1 8100

1h 45m

Tuesday 24th MAY

AQA French Listening 8658

AQA French Reading 8658

Edexcel Arabic Listening 1AA0 H

Edexcel Arabic Reading 1AA0 H




1h 5m

AQA Physical Education 8582

1h 15m

Wednesday 25th MAY

AQA English Literature P1 8702

1h 40m

OCR Enterprise & Marketing R064

1h 30m

Thursday 26th MAY

AQA Spanish Listening 8698

AQA Spanish Reading 8698



AQA Religious Studies 8062 P2

1h 45m

Friday 27th MAY

AQA Chemistry P1 8462

AQA Comb Sci Trilogy Chemistry P1 8464

1h 45m

1h 15m



MONDAY 30th May to Friday 3rd June - Spring Break Holiday

Monday 6th JUNE


Edexcel Chinese Writing 1CN0 H

Edexcel Turkish Writing 1TU0 H

Edexcel Arabic Writing 1AA0 H

1h 25m

1h 25m

1h 25m



Tuesday 7th JUNE


AQA Mathematics P2 8300

1h 30m

AQA Geography P2 8035

1h 15m

Wednesday 8th JUNE


AQA English Literature P2 8702

1h 45m

AQA Further Maths P1 8365

1h 45m

Thursday 9th JUNE


AQA History 1A Option D & 1B Option B2 8145


AQA Physics P1 8463

AQA Comb Sci Trilogy Physics P1 8464

1h 45m

1h 15m

Friday 10th JUNE


AQA English Language P2 8700

1h 45m

AQA Physical Education P2 8582

AQA Sociology P2 8192

1h 15m

1h 45m

Monday 13th JUNE


AQA Mathematics P3 8300

1h 30m

Edexcel Business P2 1BSO

1h 30m

Tuesday 14th JUNE


AQA Geography P3 8035


AQA Citizenship P2 8100

AQA Statistics P1 8382

AQA Italian Writing 8633 H

1h 45m

1h 45m

1h 20m

Wednesday 15th JUNE


AQA Biology P2 8461

AQA Comb Sci Trilogy Biology P2 8464

1h 45m

1h 15m



Thursday 16th JUNE


AQA French Writing 8658

1h 5m/

1h 20m

OCR Health & Social R021


Friday 17th JUNE


AQA Spanish Writing 8698

1h 5m/

1h 20m

AQA Polish Listening 8688

AQA Polish Reading 8688



Monday 20th JUNE


AQA Chemistry P2 8462

AQA Comb Sci Trilogy Chemistry P2 8464

1h 45m

1h 15m



Tuesday 21st JUNE


AQA History P2B Option A


WJEC Hospitality & Catering 5569UA/B

1h 30m

Wednesday 22nd JUNE


AQA Further Maths P2 8365

1h 45m



Thursday 23rd JUNE


AQA Physics P2 8463

AQA Comb Sci Trilogy Physics 8464

1h 45m

1h 15m



Friday 24th JUNE


AQA Statistics P2 8382

1h 45m



Monday 27th JUNE


AQA Polish Writing 8688

1h 5m/

1h 20m



Tuesday 28th JUNE






Wednesday 29th JUNE






Thursday 30th JUNE






Friday 1st JULY






CONTINGENCY DAY: 29th June 2022

GCSE Advance Information 2022

Pastoral Team

Pastoral Lead

Vice Principal – StandardsMiss Collins

Year 7

Head of SchoolMrs Malson
Head of SchoolMr Irving
Deputy Head of SchoolMrs Heskett
Student WellbeingMiss Palmowski
ContactContact the Year 7 team

Year 8

Head of SchoolMiss Sheldon
Deputy Head of SchoolMr Trainer
Student WellbeingMiss Gibson
ContactContact the Year 8 team

Year 9

Head of SchoolMr Middleton
Deputy Head of SchoolMr Cousins
Student WellbeingMrs Wilson
ContactContact the Year 9 Team

Year 10

Head of SchoolMiss Winterburn
Deputy Head of SchoolMr Reilly
Student WellbeingMrs Derbyshire
ContactContact the Year 10 Team

Year 11

Head of SchoolMr Plant
Deputy Head of SchoolMrs Robinson
Student WellbeingMiss White
ContactContact the Year 11 Team

Parental Engagement Workshops

Please see linked below a number of videos regarding mental health and how to support your child. If you would like any further information or support please do contact school. 

Mental Health Playlist
1/7 videos
Sleep & Social Media
Sleep & Social Media
Self Esteem
Self Esteem
Low Mood and Depression
Low Mood and Depression
Body Image & Eating Disorders
Body Image & Eating Disorders

Remote Education at Horizon

All students at Horizon Community College benefit from our extensive Remote Learning offer, whether they are self-isolating, need to catch-up on learning missed due to illness, or wish to revise prior learning in advance of future study or assessment.

If your child is self-isolating

Self-isolating students can access lessons live through their Microsoft Teams account, which they will be familiar with from their lessons in school. Students access live lessons by:

· Going to 

· If requested, inputting their school e-mail address and password to log in.

· Clicking on the Teams button when Microsoft Teams opens.

· Going to the Class Team for their subject, for example 8E2 Geography, or 9A5 Mathematics.

· Clicking on the ‘Join’ button on the purple bar in the General Channel

If your child has any problems accessing live lessons, or if a live lesson isn’t available when expected, please contact and a member of staff will investigate immediately.

If your child wishes to catch up or review previous lessons

Where possible, all teachers upload their lesson resources to the Team channels for the classes they teach. This is so if a student has missed a lesson for whatever reason, or if they want to revise what they’ve previously studied, they can go through what the teacher covered, the activities set and other relevant resources. Teacher annotated materials are also available in these areas.

Students can access their lesson materials by:

· Going to 

· If requested, inputting their school e-mail address and password to log in.

· Clicking on the Teams button when Microsoft Teams opens.

· Going to the Class Team for their subject, for example 8E2 Geography, or 9A5 Mathematics.

· Going to the relevant post in the General Channel and downloading the resources available.

If your child has any problems accessing lesson resources, or if they’re not available when expected, please contact and a member of staff will investigate.

For further information about our Remote Education offer, please read the college Remote Education Policy

E-Safety For Parents and Carers

The internet, mobile technology and online gaming play a significant part in the lives of 21st century young people. Along with the social and developmental benefits these technologies have, there are associated risks that as teachers and parents we a) need to be aware of and b) need to understand how to effectively protect young people from.

The information below is designed to support you in understand how to keep your child safe, and direct you to some further information should you want to explore further.

Safety and Security

As you would in the real world, providing boundaries and safeguards for your child’s online safety and security is important in supporting your child as they grow and develop socially, mentally, and emotionally. It is good practice to:

  • Discuss boundaries with your child, in terms of time online and what services and information you’re happy for them to access. Continue to discuss these boundaries with them as they get older and have changing interests in the use of technology.
  • Make use of parental controls for online devices and software, helping you further in setting boundaries. Review them over time and make use of service providers’ own systems where possible.
  • Understand which devices use the internet within your household and how they’re connected – not just laptops, PCs, consoles, and smartphones but also your TV, smart speaker, watches, clocks, etc. Also, check that these devices use your home Wi-Fi so that you can be confident your safety settings are in place.
  • Have up to date anti-virus and malware protection for all devices.
  • Ensure your child understands that not everyone on the internet is who they say they are, and that they know not to meet with someone they only know online.
  • Consider switching off location tracking on your child’s device. This prevents others from being able to see where your child is located through social media and other services.

Social Media

Services such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok are popular methods that young people use to connect with friends, plan events and share information, such as photos, videos, links, personal messages, etc.

It is good practice to:

  • Communicate with your child about what they’re seeing and taking part in on social media
  • Where possible, insist that they add you as a friend online
  • Make sure you are familiar with the ThinkUKnow website:
  • Seek advice – talk to parent friends and teachers if you’re unsure of something.

Cyber Bullying

The DfE’s definition of bullying – behaviour by an individual or group, usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group, either physically or emotionally – also applies to the use of technology and social media to do so. Horizon Community College does not tolerate any time of bullying, in person or online.

If you are concerned about cyber bullying, it is good practice to:

  • Know which websites your children visit and help them find the ‘Report Abuse’ or ‘block sender’ options so they can feel in control.
  • Tell your child not to reply to unpleasant messages.
  • Urge them to keep evidence – Not to delete bullying texts, emails, or posts on social networking sites, as they can often be traced.
  • Encourage them to act and talk to you if they are being cyberbullied.
  • Regularly check and clean their ‘friends’ lists on social networking sites

In College

Through our Computing, Citizenship and Personal Development offers, all students are supported in understanding e-Safety, including understanding measures to protect identity, personal information, working safely and sensible use of online services. For more information, please visit our curriculum pages:

Further Information

There is a wealth of further support available to parents and carers online. The following websites are a great starting point:

Guide to attending Online Parents Evening

The importance of Parents Evening

At Horizon Community College we believe a strong partnership between home and school is essential. Parents’ evenings are a great opportunity for you to meet your child’s teachers and to discuss how your child is performing in a variety of subject areas. Each subject appointment will provide you with information on what your child is learning, a clear understanding of how your child is progressing, and a clear understanding of the ways in which you can support your child.

We actively encourage students to attend these online appointments with parents/ carers so that all parties hear the same messages. Teachers may refer to the recent Progress report that is shared with parents/ carers via Parentmail prior to the evening.

In order that these evenings run smoothly, please see our attached guidance and information regards our online system – School Cloud.

Dates for Parents Evening This Academic Year:

Y7 – Thursday 5th May

Y8 – Thursday 3rd February

Y9 – Thursday 10th March

Y10 – Thursday 24th March

Y11 – Thursday 20th October / Thursday 27th January

Possible questions to ask at parents' evenings

Jot down a list of questions  on each subject in advance so  your appointments are focused and make the most of the limited time.

Some useful questions might be:

  • Is my child’s progress in line with the teacher’s expectations?
  • Has he or she done anything particularly well?
  • What can he or she do to improve?
  • How can I help as a parent?
  • How can you help as his or her teacher?
  • How much time should my child’s homework for this subject take?
  • What do his or her grades tell us about possible performance in important future exams?
  • Does he or she contribute in lessons?

After the Event

  • Go through your notes from the evening and make a list of positive actions your child can take.
  • Talk with your child about what was discussed and agreed with the teachers, and go through the list of action points together.
  • Pin the action list up where you can both see it and discuss your child’s progress regularly.
  • If you need to, stay in touch with your child’s teacher. They will be able to tell you how things progress at school.

Parental Communications


School-to-Home Communication using ParentMail

ParentMail is a state-of-the-art, next generation communication and payment collection service.  This is our primary means of communication with all parents. 

There are lots of benefits to registering with ParentMail:-

  • Access ParentMail with your own login and have access to your own personal feed – away from a busy, email inbox.
  • Have all your school communications delivered to one place, so you can find them quickly and easily.
  • Update your own contact information within your account without having to go to the school office to update your details.
  • Receive messages and letters
  • Pay for items
  • Top-up dinner money
  • Authorise Trips
  • Download the free ParentMail App, which means you can pick up all your important school messages on the go.  APP FAQs


We recommend downloading the App, as it means we can…

  • Send less paper
  • Stop sending text messages
  • Save hours of administration time each week
  • Reach parents instantly

And you can…

  • See all school communications on one easy feed – so they don’t get buried in a busy email inbox.
  • Receive school messages instantly – perfect for busy parents.
  • Complete forms, permissions, and surveys wherever they are – easy to fill in and send back in minutes.
  • Make online payments or top up dinner money – or receive reminders and alerts.
  • Receive in app notifications – so you’ll never miss a school message again!


 Main Benefits of our Cashless Catering System:

  • Convenient way of paying for school meals.  No more looking for change every morning.
  • Discourages the misuse of school dinner money through spending in shops outside of the school groups.
  • Specific food allergy ingredients can be barred automatically.
  • Healthy eating is encouraged.
  • Increased speed of service.
  • Automatic free school meal allocation with the pupil remaining anonymous.

To enable students to access the school’s catering provision all parents are asked to consent for their child to be registered for the biometric system when completing their Admission Form.  They will receive an invitation to register via email.

Please use the ParentMail Help link below, to read more about our Cashless Catering system.  You will also find answers to some frequently asked questions.

Please note that if you change your email address or mobile phone number at any time you will need to inform school so we can amend ParentMail records.

If you experience any problems with ParentMail please do not hesitate to contact us.

More information about ParentMail and how parents can register, top up their child’s dinner money account can be found by clicking this link for help on all aspects of ParentMail ParentMail HELP


This App provides parents with a dashboard of information regarding their child, including timetables, achievements, attendance.  We also use this communication tool to send out termly reports, which are then stored securely to refer to at any time. 
The App also enables parents to update us with any changes to family circumstances (eg address, telephone number or email updates) by using the 'Data Collection' tab. 
The SIMS Parent App can be downloaded  from Play Store or the Apple Store to any android or apple device.

Student Planner

Adverse Weather

College protocols in the event of adverse weather

If, due to adverse weather, a decision is made to close the college before the start of the day, then:

  • The decision will be communicated to all staff and parents at least one hour before the start of the college day.
    • All parents will be informed of the college closure via ParentMail, with the same message published on the website for the duration of the closure.
    • BMBC, the Abbey School, Springwell, Bus Operators and local radio will also be informed of the decision.
  • The college will update the telephone system remotely so that students, parents or staff phoning the college will be informed that it is closed.
  • The college will offer students remote learning for the duration of the closure. Students will follow their normal timetable, accessing remote lessons via Microsoft Teams.

If a decision is made to close the college due to adverse weather part way through the college day, then:

  • the Principal will notify staff and parents as soon as practicable.
    • All parents will be informed of the college closure via ParentMail, with the same message published on the website for the duration of the closure.
    • Follow up phone calls to the families of vulnerable students will be made where necessary.
    • BMBC, the Abbey School, Springwell, Bus Operators and local radio will also be informed of the decision.
  • Principal Team will remain on-site until all staff and students have been dismissed safely.
  • Remote learning will be scheduled for 2 hours after the closure is communicated. If the school day is to finish before this window, no Remote Learning will take place.

Peripatetic Music Service

If you are interested in taking up music lessons please speak to Miss Lingard or e-mail: