Praise & Rewards

We are very proud of our students and want to ensure they are recognised for their hard work. We believe that by celebrating and rewarding the efforts and achievements of our students we cultivate their self-belief, foster self-esteem and drive their ambition to be positive role models. Our aim is to ensure students understand the intrinsic benefits of being a positive role model and therefore being work ready and life ready.

We have a large number of praise and reward initiatives at Horizon CC to ensure students have every opportunity to be celebrated for their success. These include achievement points, Principal Award, Proud Thursday, Gold Pin Badges, Achievement Assembly, Star Student Breakfast, CLT Star Cards, attendance praise and praise postcards.

100 Net Points

Bronze Awards

When students receive 100 net points they are awarded their Bronze Award. They are presented with their Bronze certificate in form period and a text message is sent home. 

200 Net Points

Silver Awards

When students receive 200 net points they are awarded their Silver Award. The Silver Award certificate is presented in assembly and a postcard is sent home.

300 Net Points

Gold Awards

When students receive 300 net points they are awarded their Gold Award. The Gold Award certificate is presented in in the Principal’s office and a congratulations letter is sent home. Once students receive their Gold Award they are also invited on the whole school rewards trip at the end of the academic year.

450 Net Points

Platinum Awards

When students receive 450 net points they are awarded their Platinum Award. The Platinum Award certificate is presented in the Principal’s office and a congratulations letter is sent home. Students and parents are invited to Celebration Evening in July where the certificate is again presented and achievement celebrated.

Principal Award

One student from each school team is selected each term to be celebrated for their commitment to learning, high attendance and contribution to the wider school community. They are invited to meet with the Principal and presented their certificate.

2020/21 Award Winners

July 2021
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Year 7 - Ruby W
Year 8 - Laurie H
Year 9 - Jessica T
Year 10 - Zi Y
March 2021
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Year 7 - Beau L
Year 8 - Saloni C
Year 9 - Hannah B
Year 10 - Charlotte P
Year 11 - Andrew T
December 2020
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Year 7 - Cerys C
Year 8 - Olivia B
Year 9 - Cohen K
Year 10 - Joe S
Year 11 - Amy H

Our Winners

Proud Thursday

Every Thursday, students have the opportunity to visit the Proud Thursday table to present a piece of work they are most proud of from the week. Students attending the table are celebrated through their conversation with the staff member and also receive a certificate and an achievement point.

Gold Pin Badges

The top 10% of students based on their effort scores, are rewarded by being presented a gold pin star badge at a special celebration assembly after each data collection.

Achievement Assembly

During the last week of every half term all students will attend an achievement assembly where the hard work, positive attitude and achievements of students will be celebrated. 

Star Student Breakfast

Students who achieve an average 1 for effort after a data collection are invited to a celebration breakfast with members of college leadership.

CLT Star Cards

Cards are handed out in lessons by CLT for outstanding contributions and/ or work. The cards can be exchanged during lunchtimes at student reception for a reward.

Attendance Praise

High attendance is rewarded with certificates, letters home, rewards for 100% attendance and a prize for the highest attending tutor group in each school

All students will attend an attendance celebration assembly each half term.

Praise Postcards

Teachers send praise postcards each week to celebrate the achievements of students.

Praise Skate Event

In February 2022 we were delighted for House Skate Park, Sheffield to join us and lead coaching sessions for the top 7.5% of students for net achievement points in each year group. Students were led through the various skills necessary to skate an attempt the course set up in our sports hall.