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Early Career Teachers

At Horizon Community College, we are passionate and committed to training the next generation of teachers. We have a rigorous programme of support in place, underpinned by the Early Career Framework and led by a dedicated team of staff, that ensures that Early Career Teachers are supported and developed into highly effective practitioners.

The Offer

As a trainee teacher at Horizon, you can expect the following provision:

  • A timetable compliant with your HEI provider’s requirements
  • Support from a dedicated Early Career Teachers’ Team.
  • An experienced subject mentor
  • One-hour weekly meeting with your mentor
  • Regular drop-ins and learning walks to support your development
  • Regular 1-1 coaching via our “Teacher Sprints”
  • Weekly CPD opportunities based on the most recent and effective research, which follow your HEI provider’s requirements and the ITT Core Framework Standards.
  • The opportunity to observe experienced staff from within and outside your subject area.
  • A range of developmental opportunities such as Teach Meets, shadowing a Learning Support Assistant for a day, peer observations focusing only on what you’re doing well and working with our Careers and Enterprise team.

Schools Direct

We are partnered with Tykes Teaching Alliance, Sheffield Hallam University and Leeds Trinity University in offering Schools Direct placements at Horizon in the following subjects: 


Built around collaboration and support, the History Department at Horizon provides a fantastic environment in which to train. Our aim is to equip our students with powerful historical knowledge whilst challenging them to grapple with history’s contradictions and controversies. To do this, we embed research-based pedagogy with the contemporary thinking of professional historians in our teaching. We provide opportunities for students to visit historical sites in both Britain and Europe and embrace the chance to engage with providers such as the Holocaust Education Trust. We have an excellent track record for supporting and developing Early Career Teachers, so if you have the skills, enthusiasm and resilience needed to develop the next generation of historians, we need you!


Located in a suite of state of the art, fully resourced labs, the Science Department at Horizon offers a fantastic environment in which to begin your teaching journey. In total we have 7 full Science labs, 6 STEM rooms and one electronics room – all of which are maintained and resourced by two experienced lab technicians. Our schemes of learning aim to equip students with the knowledge, skills and mindset that will enable them to succeed to potential in their Science GCSEs and prosper in post-16 opportunities beyond this. We provide many opportunities for students to visit places of significant scientific interest in both Britain and Europe, and our dedicated STEM lead is currently planning a trip to CERN in Geneva for some of our keenest scientists. The Department has a wealth of experience in developing early career teachers, so why not come and join this excellent team!


The Mathematics Department at Horizon is absolutely committed to our vision of teaching maths for understanding. Our commitment to ongoing professional development is evident in our research driven CPD offer. We also have a strong track record of developing our trainees, with high quality mentoring and a wealth of opportunities for further career development within the Department. We create high quality schemes of learning to support all staff, focussing on full curriculum coverage and, in partnership with our feeder primary schools, ensure a purposeful and challenging transition for students from KS2 to KS3. We also offer a rich variety of enrichment opportunities, such as Further Maths, UKMT and Pop maths, to help foster our students love of numbers. If you share a similar passion for the subject as we do, then please get in touch!


At Horizon, an English teacher is someone with a fierce love of their subject, who is talented, motivated and can inspire students to achieve their full potential. We have a splendidly diverse mix of experience and talent within a large team of staff who are enthusiastic about innovation, collaborative in their working practices and committed to raising standards. A particular benefit for staff that are new to the profession is the individually tailored support they will receive within the department from English colleagues with designated mentoring responsibilities. As part of this dynamic and successful team, you should therefore be committed to achieving the highest standards and possess the creativity to maximise the use of our state-of-the-art resources and facilities. We are proud of what we have achieved at Horizon thus far, but we firmly believe that the best is yet to come: we invite you to play your role in that journey!


Ensuring students understand the world in which they live lies at the heart of the Geography Department at Horizon. The future of our planet has never been more at risk and so our aim is to equip students with geographical knowledge, whilst enabling them to understand the wider consequences of mankind’s actions on the planet and human environments. We also provide students with the opportunity to experience geography in action in the UK, further enhancing their skills and knowledge. We have an excellent track record of developing and supporting our trainees within the department so, if you have the enthusiasm to equip future geographers with the tools they need to shape the future of our planet, come and join our team!


Dedicated to providing all students with a broad and exciting language curriculum, the Modern Foreign Language Department at Horizon is committed to designing and delivering lessons covering a range of cultural topics and linguistic structures to the highest level. We believe in nurturing a love of both the language studied and the world that surrounds this, enabling our students to benefit from the transferable skills that language learning offers. Our team offers a unique opportunity for passionate aspiring teachers to develop their teaching craft through a breadth of experience and teaching styles. We provide excellent mentoring and CPD to our Early Career Teachers whilst offering opportunities for individuals to lead their own initiatives. So, if you have the same drive and enthusiasm as us, come and join this fantastic team.


The Religious Education (RE) Department at Horizon provides an incredible opportunity to train as part of a large Social Sciences faculty, centred around collaboration and development. Our goal is for all students is to leave Horizon with religious literacy and an ability to empathise and appreciate contrasting worldviews. To ensure we offer all students the best possible educational experience, we have undertaken extensive curriculum reviews and are constantly updating both our subject and pedagogical knowledge. At Horizon, RE is a full cohort GCSE, as we believe that RE is an essential part of a young person’s wider personal development and a key qualification for all.

As a department, we also have excellent mentors and coaches for developing Early Career Teachers. If you are a resilient individual, committed to developing religious literacy and enthusiastic about RE, we need you!

Are you looking to secure your first teaching post as an ECT1

Whether continuing at Horizon after gaining your Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) with us or just starting out, you will find the following support will be on offer as an ECT1:

  • High-quality research driven CPD provided by our Lead ECF Programme Provider – University College London
  • 10% reduction in timetable (20 lessons per week).
  • Support from a dedicated team of experienced teachers.
  • An experienced subject mentor.
  • A one-hour weekly meeting with your mentor.
  • Regular drop-ins, learning walks to support your development.
  • A 30-minute observation per half term with a class of your choosing.
  • Weekly CPD opportunities which are underpinned by the Early Career Framework and current educational thinking.
  • The opportunity to observe experienced staff from within and outside your subject area.
  • A range of developmental opportunities such as Teach Meets, Department Bingo and peer observations focusing only on what you’re doing well.
  • Regular 1-1 coaching via our “Teacher Sprints”
  • Front-loaded CPD in the first Term to enable you to really hit the ground running with your teaching.
  • Peer-support through regular “Teacher Rounds” – triads of ECT1s who work together to develop common areas of development.

Are you looking to secure your first teaching post as an ECT2

At Horizon we are committed to maintaining your support and development as you enter the final year as an Early Career Teacher. You can expect the following provision moving forward:

  • Support from a dedicated team of experienced teachers.
  • An experienced subject coach.
  • A meeting every 2 weeks with your coach where you will set short term targets, that can be worked upon and actioned before the next meeting.
  • Regular drop-ins and learning walks to support your development.
  • Regular CPD opportunities which are underpinned by the Early Career Framework and current educational thinking.
  • A range of developmental opportunities such as Teach Meets, peer observations focusing only on what you’re doing well and supporting ITTs and ECT1s as “buddies.”
  • Support with an ECT2 Enquiry in the 2nd and 3rd term which allows you to develop your role as a leader and self-direct your CPD to focus on a specific area of development across your Department.
  • Regular 1-1 coaching via our “Teacher Sprints”

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The Early Career Teaching team at Horizon is dedicated to providing all trainee and early career teachers with high quality, research informed support and development to ensure that they are expertly equipped to challenge every student, in every lesson, every day.

MR S. Benson: Leader for Quality of Education - Teaching & Learning

My key area of focus and expertise is the support and development of trainee and Early Career Teachers. Since joining Horizon in 2012 I have held several positions, all of which in some way have focused on this area. As Subject Leader for History I developed a versatile Department that has since gone from strength to strength, whilst in 2017 I became ITT Coordinator and then quickly became the lead for the whole Early Career Teacher provision. More recently, I have also taken on the role of planning Whole-College CPD, developing teaching beyond the ECT years. The strength of our Early Career Teacher Programme at Horizon has meant that I have become a Specialist Leader for Education for ITT & ECT Development, as well as a Facilitator of UCL’s Early Career Framework Programme for Barnsley & Doncaster.

Miss L. Parsons: Associate Leader for Early Career Teachers & Assistant Subject Leader for History

I joined Horizon Community College in January 2017 as Assistant Subject Leader for History. Prior to taking on this role I have held various other positions within both pastoral and teaching and learning. I started my career as KS3 Coordinator and quickly progressed to become Deputy Achievement Coordinator for Y9 and then Y11. Whilst in these roles I also became involved in a wider school focus as an Impact Teacher driving whole school teaching and learning. I have recently been appointed as Associate Lead for Early Career Teachers, alongside my leadership role within History, and I am excited to guide and develop teachers starting out in the profession.


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