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Staff Wellbeing

Staff workload and wellbeing support

Staff survey – teaching and support (May 2022)

· 99% of teaching and support staff are ‘clear about the college vision’;

· 94% believing that the college is both ‘well-led and managed’;

· 95% of both teaching and support staff feel ‘well supported working here’.

Effective use of time:

· Team of cover supervisors, to keep ‘rarely cover’ situations to a minimum

· Online parents evenings: each = 2.5hrs (Schoolcloud)

Effective practice:

· Preparing resources – full time reprographics role and digital media team

· Common Assessment and feedback policy – consistent and supportive as teachers are only expected to mark progress checks every 6-8 lessons and summative assessments once per term

· Move to student ownership re response – expect STUDENTS to take responsibility books, equipment, conduct

· Data collections – 3 per year for each year group; only 1 data collection open at a time

· Reports – no individualised written reports; centrally generated data reports

· Careers and Enterprise team – support with wider student development

· Support staff – 2 over-arching non-teaching leaders; leadership structure put in place; teams created (ownership and identity); own intent, development plan and appraisal system

Effective communication and development:

· Briefing – 1 consistent message for all; all teaching and support staff expected to attend; regular updates and training

· Staff needs considered when scheduling CPD and disaggregated days (eg end of Christmas term)

· CPD time scheduled as 1hr slots, on ‘Training Tuesdays’ to ensure access for all

· Leadership development at all levels – department structure; Subject Leaders meetings; NPQs; coaching and mentoring

· Supportive and developmental Quality Assurance – and support for Teaching & Learning

Supporting teachers to teach:

· College Leadership support duties – support for classroom teachers

· Parent/Carer conduct policy (supporting staff)

· Centralised detentions – all detentions supervised by the pastoral teams/Subject Leaders on specific days for each key stage

Supporting teachers’ personal needs:

· Form tutor option for parents with childcare – am or pm

· Flu jabs offered on school premises

· Additional HR provision – HR support always on site

· One Senior Mental Health Leads

· Wellbeing guidance/advice through briefing

· HR Wellbeing drop-in sessions

· Supportive ‘absence’ policy – proactive rather than reactive

· Bespoke mental health support – Yorkshire Psychotherapy Services and Occupational health support

· Introduction of Workplace Health Champions

· Free use of the Fitness Suite for staff before or after school

· Free refreshments prior to parents evening

Team building:

· Team building initiatives eg staff to staff praise, student to staff praise, Hidden Hero, ‘I heard a wispa’

· Support national initiatives, eg Thank a teacher day, National wellbeing week

· Staff wellbeing activities eg Christmas wrapping paper, free massage


· ‘Teacher counter’ and ‘treats’ in the dining hall

· ‘Thank yous’ to staff – free breakfasts, easter eggs, Christmas ‘cake’

Trust wide support:

· Financial advice (eg Lifetime)

· Lifestyle support services (eg VIVUP – lifestyle savings, car benefits)

· Team building initiatives (eg Tough Mudder, Christmas Quiz)

Wellbeing – culture of caring underpins all we do

Important Information

Dear Parents/Carers

Please note the College is open today and Year 11 will be expected on site for their Mock Examinations. However, for Years 7 to 10, if you cannot get your child to school safely today, then please ensure that they access remote learning via Teams. For safeguarding purposes, please email in to if your child is not going to be in and will be accessing Teams.

Any child who accesses Teams remotely today will receive a present attendance mark of a B code (educated off-site). If your child does not access Teams then they will be classified as absent Please note that attendance codes will be updated throughout the day.

Mrs Huddart


College Calendar

  • Tuesday 12th December – 14th December – School Show
  • Tuesday 16th January – Y8 Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 6th February – Y11 Parents Evening 2
  • Tuesday 27th February – Y9 Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 16th April – Y10 Parents Evening
  • Tuesday 30th April – Y7 Parents Evening